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Lamb + Darkstar + Maotik & Metametric present Omnis A/V performance



17 MARCH 2016


19:00 - 23:00

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As far back as 1995 Lamb tore up the musical map with their interplay of Lou Rhodes' rustically unconventional vocal and Andrew Barlow’s maverick beats. To this day their eponymous debut album, and most especially songs like “Cottonwool” and “Gorecki”, remain the timeless classics of many a playlist. 

Whilst others of that era remained firmly in a 90’s trip-hop groove, Lamb determinedly skittered into unknown territory, defying categorisation and pushing dance music’s traditional 4/4 envelope.

Last year’s “Backspace Unwind” continued the journey with further explorations into their own particular rare and uncompromising brand of electronica with single “We Fall In Love” on regular 6 Music rotation and winning the 2015 IDMA best Chillout/Lounge category.

"Lamb has always been about an open horizon” states Rhodes, “the best stuff happens, in any art form, when you get out of the way and just let it happen without plan or preconception. Where we go next is anybody’s guess”.

Darkstar first released a pair of game-changing 12" singles on Kode 9's fledgling Hyperdub label. These fused unique sonic futurism with an avant- garde pop sensibility that immediately set them apart from many emerging producers. The British re-election results of 2015 and the theme of austerity, inspired Darkstar's writing sessions and electronic sound palette during the creation of their acclaimed third studio album, 'Foam Island' released on Warp. We’re pleased to welcome them back to Troxy again this year, following their 2015 performance alongside Pantha du Prince, Zomby, Shackleton and Paula Temple.

Montréal-based Maotik (Mathieu Le Sourd) & Metametric (Jean- François Pedno) present the UK debut of their live A/V performance Omnis. Omnis immerses the audience into a sensory-heavy experience, using a generative visual system, multiple degrees of optical illusion, and distortion of the performance space, to destabilize the environment and explode the idea of being everywhere at the same time. 

Produced in collaboration with MUTEK, supported by the Québec government.


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