Mycelia: In Conversation With Imogen Heap

Mycelia: In Conversation With Imogen Heap


Music makers are the connective tissue for the music industry. The Creative Passport is the digital container to hold verified profile information, IDs, acknowledgements, works, business partners and payment mechanisms, to help get music makers and their works, linked and open (data) for business. Convergence presents a conversation between Ghislaine Boddington of body>data>space  and artist-inventor Imogen Heap at citizenM Tower of London hotel. They will discuss the transformative possibilities of blockchain technology in the music business and beyond.


Imogen Heap

Self-produced, independent, engaged, Imogen Heap blurs the boundaries between pure art form and creative entrepreneurship. Writing and producing 4 solo albums, Heap has developed a strong collaboration with her loyal following both on and offline in recognised, pioneering ways. Her graceful tunes such as signature track Hide & Seek populate movies and TV shows, accompany dance and theatre performances. A respected ‘artist's artist', Heap’s penned songs with Taylor Swift, Mika, Josh Groban and Deadmau5 among others.
Heap’s been nominated for 5 Grammys, winning one for engineering and another for her Taylor Swift’s contribution on the album 1989. In her self built home studio also sits an Ivor Novello award, The Artist and Manager Pioneer award, the MPG Inspiration Award and an honorary Doctorate of Technology in recognition of the gloves work: a gestural music making system developed by Heap for her studio and stage work along with a team of engineers, scientists and musicians. The project has attracted worldwide attention from artists to Universities and within the press for humanising music tech in performance. Imogen has also written the entire score for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which has set new standards in Theatre.

Becoming a mother in 2014, combined with being free of labels and management for the first time in her 20 year career, she released her song Tiny Human, as an experiment for Mycelia : Her initiative focusing on connecting the dots for a fair and flourishing future music ecosystem in light of Blockchain technology. Wishing to explore potentials for new business models in light of distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, Heap released the song complete with a rich set of metadata to empower services to think differently and invite them to collaborate with her for further development of their services. From her first thoughts in Forbes to appearing at the WEF, Davos last year, Mycelia continues to inspire. You can catch Imogen, her music and various projects on a world tour for a year, starting September 2018.

Ghislaine Boddington

Ghislaine Boddington, Creative Director body>data>space / Women Shift Digital, is a researcher, curator and director specialising in body responsive technologies and immersion experiences. She is recognised worldwide as a pioneer having strongly advocated the use of the entire body as a digital interaction canvas for over 25 years in her curations and her direction of unique convergence experiences. Ghislaine, coming from a background in performing arts, blends the virtual and physical body through telepresence, motion capture, robotics, wearables, sense/gesture technologies and virtual worlds.

She keynotes globally on her research “The Internet of Bodies”, is a Reader in Digital Immersion at University of Greenwich and consults into the arts, education, corporate and creative industries sectors on future trends.

A Co-curator of Nesta's flagship event FutureFest, she was awarded the IX Immersion Experience Visionary Pioneer Award 2017 by SAT Montreal for her pioneering work on embodied intelligence in digital immersion.You can catch her co-presenting bi-weekly for BBC Click, BBC World Service Radio flagship technology programme.

body>data>space is an interactive design collective based in East London who have advocated for the living body to be at the heart of the digital debate since the early 1990s. Pioneers in telepresence, our focus is on body responsive technologies, virtual physical networks, interactive interfaces, user centred experiences and future collaborative share spaces.