Warp Records asks: Is there a future for sub-cultures?

Warp Records asks: Is there a future for sub-cultures?

As part of Friday’s Sessions on Subversion, Warp Records has pulled together a dedicated panel of creatives to ask ‘is there a future for sub-cultures?’

Warp Records Presents...
Echo Mobs: is there a future for sub-cultures?
Behind The Bike Shed
Friday 24 March | 18:45 - 20:00

As global protest surges and a real or perceived wave of 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' questions the nature of our reality, these and a myriad other events are refracted through our digital lives while it is unclear just how art and creative communities will play a meaningful role.

There is no lack of new urgent, defiant and iconoclastic ideas, but how are they connected and amplified - where are the new subcultures?

Join Stephen Christian (Warp Records, Head of A&R) as he asks Mark Leckey (Artist),Warren Ellis (Author for comics, novels and television), GAIKA (Artist), Mat Dryhurst (Artist) and Ash Sarkar (Senior Editor, Novara Media) to debate the relevance of subcultures in the tech age.

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