Rival Consoles remixes Max Cooper

Rival Consoles remixes Max Cooper

Max Cooper's 'Distant Light' just got the Rival Consoles treatment. The remix appears as part of Max Cooper's 'Emergence Remixed' LP, due out at the end of March.

Max Cooper said of the collaboration: "I'm excited to announce the first track from the 'Emergence Remixed' album which will be released in full at the end of March.

This remix comes from one of my absolute favourite electronic producers of the last few years, and someone who is constantly surprising me with each new release - Rival Consoles. I've been playing his work in my sets a lot recently too, he's got a great humanised approach to making electronic music, primarily with his hands-on analogue machines and live percussion, which give his tracks a whole load more life than most other producers.

I have to mention Rival Consoles synth work too, which for me, is the best out there by a mile. He's got a knack for the most beautiful timbral quality and soft full sound. Complemented with his ability for hooks and chords and always developing arrangements, makes for some of the best electronic music out there in my opinion.

So all that said, you can see why I said I was excited to have him involved in the remix package! He's made a brewing club track for this package, all about those beautiful synths and micropitch deviations for me, the quality oozes out with him needing to overcomplicate the mix (like I do!). It's really hard to get each element to such quality to carry a track like that....so hats off from me, and I hope you enjoy it too.

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