Sessions: Friday and Saturday Ticket

Sessions: Friday and Saturday Ticket


What is Sessions?

Convergence Sessions is a series of lively discussions, interactive workshops, film screenings and music performances that takes place over two days in the railway arches at Behind The Bike Shed on Old Street in Shoreditch.

Sessions gives change-makers, groundbreakers and risk takers a platform to share thoughts, collaborate and interact with like-minded individuals and discuss how people and ideas are shaping the future of technology.

The programme focuses on the countless opportunities in store for industry pioneers and curious creatives alike, and how using cutting-edge creativity can carve a positive path in this era of uncertainty.

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How is it different?

Convergence’s purpose is to put the aesthetic, intellectual and emotional connection between music, art and technology at the forefront of its programming.

Unlike any other platform in London, Convergence Sessions presents an inquisitive and conversational approach to music and art, and directly squares up to the extraordinary pace at which technology and ideas are changing these worlds.

Why is it relevant?

Technology continues to shape how art and music is conceived, created and communicated, and in many cases, it is the fundamental vehicle through which artists bring their ideas to life.

Sessions is a unique opportunity to hear from a wide range of industry voices, to learn and understand how technology can enable big ideas and empower creative people.

Who is it for?

  • Do your personal interests cross over into your day-to-day work?
  • Does technology play a significant role in your life?
  • Do you have aspirations to start your own business?
  • Do you work in design, advertising, marketing, gaming, development, research, software, animation, fashion…?
  • Are you a musician, filmmaker, visual artist, writer, graphic designer?
  • Are you curious about what the future holds?
  • Do you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge?
  • Do you want to hear from other people with ideas?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above, then Convergence Sessions is relevant to you.

What do you get out of it?

  • Knowledge to apply to your work or practise.
  • A greater understanding of technology’s place in the future
  • Learning how technology can impact on our day-to-day lives
  • New friends and new contacts
  • Industry insights to take back to the office
  • Inspiration and encouragement from speakers and your fellow attendees
  • Being face-to-face with those leading the way in music, art and technology

Who will you meet?

Sessions draws a lively and engaged crowd of like-minded curious creatives such as…

  • Filmmakers and policy makers
  • Musicians and technicians
  • Rule breakers and troublemakers
  • Grandmasters and graduates
  • Artists and practitioners
  • Activists and visionaries

British Council

In addition to supporting the Convergence Sessions programme, the British Council has invited a selection of international festival directors, bookers, promoters and creative producers to attend Convergence Festival. These delegates are pioneering the development of the digital arts, music & technology sectors within their respective home countries and will be attending Convergence Festival in order to foster networks and collaboration with the UK market.

Meet the delegates…


Augusto Gerardi, British Council Delegate

Augusto Gerardi is a sound engineer, researcher and media artist. He has been involved in important projects in the Venezuelan context. He has worked as a sound engineer for the National Disk Center, as well as in the musical production with a variety of artists.

In 2012, Gerardi won the Digital Art Award in the Kinetic Art Biennale at the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas with his work “Máquina de ruido cinética”. Moreover he has participated in collective exhibitions with installations and pieces of Net.Art. As an artist and researcher, he has done digitalization and restoration of multimedia and phonographic files. He has done ethno musicological recordings to preserve Venezuela's sound heritage, using these recordings to make his first record production under the name of “La Tradición Pirata” in 2013. This was reviewed on websites such as Generation Bass and Remix Mexico. His musical production was mentioned in the book “El Bravo Tuky”, a publication that highlights the influence of music and its relation with Caracas’ urban cultural values.

Gerardi combines his musical and artistic work with teaching. He work with teenagers in workshops related to management of flash’s reactive interfaces, images editing, visual communication and art media. He is currently working alongside with CCS Nodo: a platform of projects in visual arts. He is also involved in a project with Ivan Candeo, a well-known researcher specialised in video art; in the video digitalization of an art collection at the Sala Mendoza Foundation in Venezuela.

Derjk Wu, British Council Delegate

Derjk Wu is an arts consultant, curator, and producer in technology and arts. He is currently working on the projects with artists about drones and refugees issues in 2017.

Since 2014 til now he has been the producer of QA Ring, a digital performing arts commission project supported by Quanta Arts Foundation and Ministry of Culture Taiwan, in collaboration with Ars Electronica. The past productions has been staged in Taipei, Edinburgh, New York, and Linz, including the following works: Code Cytus/ Unbeatable Cities/ HuangYi&Kuka (dance)/Second Body/ Solo Date (theatre)/ Etude (music).

Derjk also runs Sistema Taiwan ( Music Education Charity Project ) and MUZIK&co Arts Consulting Service, advising on the content of monthly music magazine MUZIK, covering the latest trend of music industries in both Taiwan and internationally. From 2006-2008 he served as General Manager of Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2005 he graduated with MSc in Culture Management, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Derjk is a Tibetan Buddhist. He studies from Yongey Mingyur Renpoche. Peter Greenaway, Lars Von Trier, John Galliano, Rei Kawakubo are his favourite artists. He is reading John Cage's biography " Where the Heart Beats" at this moment.

Diego Pimentel, British Council Delegate

Diego Pimentel is General Director of the Centro Cultural San Martín, Tenior Professor of the National University of Arts and External Advisor of the University of the Cuenca del Plata. He also works as an independent consultant in art, design and technology projects for institutions, governments and companies. He is curator and director of Noviembre Electrónico Festival since its creation in 2012.
At the civil service, he has been Secretary for Communication at the National University Institute of Art, has directed design and production teams. In the private sector he has directed projects for Clarín Global, Editorial Atlántida, Accenture, Telefónica, OSDE and Trapiche, among others; winning prizes and distinctions, among them Eikon Prize 2003 by the website of UADE and Eikon of Silver 2008 by the websites of Channel 13. He has founded and directed Simplestudio together with Andrés Sobrino between 2000 and 2011.

Fernando García, British Council Delegate

Fernando García was born and he currently lives in Buenos Aures. He is a journalist, writer & arts producer. In between 1994 and 2012 he worked at Clarín newspaper as editor in chief at Suplemento Sí (pop culture), Entertaintmet (focusing in music & TV), Culture & Sunday’s magazine “ViVa”. He is autor of several books about rock music, pop culture and visual arts. The last one “Cómo entrevistar a una estrella de rock y no morir en el intento” comprises his interviews with global rock stars like David Bowie, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Damon Albarn, Paul Mc Cartney and has been released in México and Spain.

In between 2013 and 2015 he developed a multidisciplinary program for Malba museum bringing music and visual arts together. Based on the showings and the collection of the museum he curated a music programme where musicians have to interact with visual art. He continued with this program during 2016 at the CCK (Kirchner Cutural Center), one of Buenos Aires’s larger venues. He designed “Psico-Delia”, a series of live ambient oriented sets for Delia Cancela’s installations. He is currently hosting “¿Por qué son tan geniales?” a radio show at Radio Cultura in the crossover of arts and pop and avant garde music.

He has done lectures at Malba museum, Universidad Di Tella and tour the entire country with the CCK giving “Pop Culture: from the Di Tella institute to the underground”, an audiovisual trip into Argentina’s underground from the sixties to the eighties.

He currently writes about arts and culture for La Nación newspaper (Argentina’s older and premier one) and Montevideo’s El País (Uruguay) and he is head of communications at Henrique Faria Fine Arts (New York and Buenos Aires).

Muthoni, British Council Delegate

Muthoni the Drummer Queen (MDQ) is a singer, rapper and drummer from Nairobi, Kenya. A unique talent, her sound fuses Kenyan drum rhythms, pop, soul and hip hop.

In 2008 MDQ released her first EP project ‘MAMBO BADO’ with the single ‘Cool Waters’. In 2009, MDQ worked with Waweru “Wawesh Mjanja” Kiboy from Penya Africa, Kenya and released her first full length work titled ‘THE HUMAN CONDITION’ that featured singles ‘Mikono Kwenya Hewa’ and ‘Life.’The former saw her nominated for Best New Act at the MTV MAMA awards in 2010 and with MDQ‘s sound described at large as “The African Missy Elliot meets M.I.A”.

In 2011, MDQ successfully released the EP “Welcome to The Disco” through a bold innovative crowd sourcing platform named Africa Unsigned. The eccentric pop EP’s lead single, also titled ‘Welcome to the Disco’ utilized a radical video-hype campaign and cemented MDQ’s place as a leading, out-of-the box, genre defying artist of global appeal. In 2012,MDQ started to dabble in hiphop and released two singles “Vile Inafaa” featuring fellow Kenyan rapper Octopizzo , and “Feelin It” Both were received with critical acclaim and opened the door for MDQ to explore and her deep love for hiphop.

In 2013, MDQ collaborated with Swiss producers Greg “GR” Escoffey and Jean “Hook” Geissbuler to produce herself titled sophomore album “MDQ” The album was distributed in collaboration with Standard Media group through the use of a text message service using a shortcode number.

As a result of the impact and the opportunity created, the album was re-released in February of 2015 as “MDQUPGRADED” and features chart topping collaborations with Wyclef Jean (USA), Khuli Chana (SA) , NAVIO (UG) Keko (UG) and Kagwe Mungai (Kenya) .

When she is not making music, Muthoni heads and runs East Africa’s largest Music and lifestyle platform BLANKETS AND WINE. Started in 2008 as a monthly platform to showcase the emerging and outstanding bands from across Africa, Blankets & Wine has grown into the most useful platform for live Music in East Africa and is currently in Kenya, Uganda , while Rwanda is opening in August 2015 and Arusha in November of 2015.

Muthoni is an influential, hardworking ‘BaussLady’ and is on the brink of breaking on the African and International hiphop/pop scene. We give it no more than two years.

Quoc Trung, British Council Delegate

Quoc Trung has been one of the most influential music producer/composer for the past 25 years in Vietnam. He has produced a number of projects working with the top 5 singers in Vietnam and created the world-music project: The Road To Infinity, which was inspired by traditional Vietnamese music. In 2011, Quoc Trung has founded Thanh Viet Production - a record label and stage production company that has produced since then world-class concerts and music projects with various international artists. He is also the founder of the first international multi-genre music festival in Vietnam, Monsoon Music Festival, which has attracted audiences of around 30,000 since it began in 2014 and is growing stronger every year.

Tegan Bristow, British Council Delegate

Tegan Bristow is a South African artist and developer of interactive digital installations. Bristow is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Interactive Digital Media at the Digital Arts Division of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Bristow is additionally Director of the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival ( )and in 2015 curated the Post African Futures ( ) exhibition with the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg, in extension of her PhD research which explores Decolonising Aesthetic Practices in Technology Art Practices in Africa. Please find more information on Bristow at

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