Daniel Lanois (solo instrumental set) + Nosaj Thing + Tyondai Braxton + Dawn of Midi
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Daniel Lanois (solo instrumental set) + Nosaj Thing + Tyondai Braxton + Dawn of Midi


Daniel Lanois headlines a top-notch night of America’s most inventive musicians, including renowned producer Nosaj Thing, ex-Battles composer Tyondai Braxton and Brooklyn outfit Dawn of Midi.

Daniel Lanois performs a solo set of songs from his latest album Goodbye to Language. Intermingling pedal and lap steel guitars, the set features material that powerfully demonstrates what happens when a visionary artist tosses aside preconceived limitations of song and/or language to explore the emotional resonance of pure soundscapes. A profoundly expressive work, Goodbye to Language has gained critical acclaim and has a compositional rigour that recalls the 20th century dreamscapes of Ravel and Debussy merged with a sense of sonic futurism, as well as Lanois’ pivotal work with Eno and the sounds he used to form iconic albums like Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind.

"Daniel Lanois' unmistakable fingerprints are all over an entire wing of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [...] You know his sound when you hear it: a spacious blur of echoes that can feel both massive and intimate, with the landscape criss-crossed by experimental threads of rhythm." - Rolling Stone

LA producer Nosaj Thing performs music that reverberates through heart, brain and spine. His third album Fated has drawn comparisons with Burial’s Untrue or Dilla’s Donuts: requiems that canvass the shadowy hinterlands between life and death, darkness and light, loneliness and love. Eternal themes re-imagined in ingenious fashion. You can’t explain it, so it’s best just to listen.

"[His] music bumps with the same fluorescence that squelches through Flying Lotus, Sa-Ra and the Gaslamp Killer: the sort of hip-hop instrumentals where the beat splatters rather than snaps. His productions have been tapped up by Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi and most recently Chance The Rapper" - The Guardian

Composer, electronic musician and former Battles frontman, Tyondai Braxton brings together electronic and modern orchestral elements in his thrilling new solo show. Drawing on music from his latest album HIVE1 (Nonesuch), recent Oranged Out EP along with new material, Tyondai experiments with sound in a uniquely playful way to deliver "a sonically absorbing experience" (Q Magazine).

"[...] lush, loopy, and loud enough to sound like a lost Frank Zappa freestyle. Or maybe a lost Looney Tunes score." - Esquire

Opening the show are Brooklyn-based acoustic ensemble Dawn of Midi, whose sets are as energetic and rhythmic as a seamlessly mixed DJ-set, mesmerising fans in the same way the group's favourite experimental and electronic acts have for decades.

“Experience a very welcome warping of time” - The Guardian

Set Times (please note early start time)



19:10 - 20:00

Dawn Of Midi

20:05 - 20:55

Tyondai Braxton

21:05 - 22:00

Daniel Lanois

22:10 - 23:00

Nosaj Thing

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