Convergence Opening Party with Rival Consoles + Noga Erez + Mr. Mitch + Myriam Bleau
Live Music

Convergence Opening Party with Rival Consoles + Noga Erez + Mr. Mitch + Myriam Bleau


Convergence 2015's DJ-in-residence and producer, Rival Consoles returns to launch Convergence 2017. Hotly tipped, Tel Aviv-based musician Noga Erez joins him on the bill, as well as Mr. Mitch, who is steadily, but forcefully pushing the boundaries of electronic music and pop culture. Composer, digital artist and performer Myriam Bleau opens with her performance piece Soft Revolvers.

Rival Consoles is notable for making synthesisers sound human and atmospheric. With the release of his 'Odyssey' and 'Sonne' EPs, West has gained a reputation for making thoughtful electronica that spans a wide spectrum of musical ideas. Foremost a guitarist, growing up listening to rock rather than club music, his new studio album ‘Howl’ sees West strive towards finding a more personal balance between music for home listening and larger spaces. Having repeatedly performed at such prestigious venues as the Tate, and having created a bespoke audio-visual performance for Boiler Room at the V&A Museum, the blueprint for West’s current live A/V show was formed. Featuring self-programmed visuals in Max/MSP, his live set has earned him praise from around the world.

Like many who’ve grown up in Tel Aviv, Noga Erez has wanted to shut herself off from a world rendered beyond comprehension by forces beyond her control. Her work reflects the manner in which she’s learned to live. As she puts it, “I have this idea of giving people moments of thought and inspiration, and at the same time offering escapism and fun." It’s not the easiest of goals, but few succeed as well as Erez. While the music she makes in collaboration with her partner and co-writer, composer and producer Ori Rousso, exploits many of the more physical, dynamic elements of electronic music, it also embraces a cerebral sensitivity that’s made her one of her home city’s most exciting, idiosyncratic artists. As inspired by Björk, M.I.A. and fka Twigs as by Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean, the grainy textures and potent atmospheres forged with her synths and ingenious beats bravely straddle genres, energised further by the environment in which she’s grown up.

A curator and auteur at the forefront of forward thinking instrumental grime, ambient and experimental electronic music, Mr. Mitch is currently signed to Planet Mu as a solo artist working on the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Parallel Memories’. As a producer/co-writer he has worked with grime stalwarts Skepta, P-Money and more recently with r&b/electronic star Katy B. He is fast becoming a go-to producer/writer outside of the instrumental grime sphere.

Montreal native Myriam Bleau is a composer, digital artist and performer. For Convergence's Opening Party she presents Soft Revolvers, an audiovisual performance exploring the limits between musical performance and digital arts. Her presence on the popular music scene influence her hybrid electronic practice that integrates hip hop, techno and pop elements. With thanks to ELEKTRA for Myriam Bleau's performance.

Set times



19:20 - 19:45

Myriam Bleau

19:50 - 20:50

Mr. Mitch

21:00 - 21:50

Noga Erez

22:00 - 23:00

Rival Consoles