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Austra + Pixx


Austra is a beguiling electronic studio project by Canadian vocalist and producer Katie Stelmanis. Although her beats have a driving disciplined insistence it’s often undercut by kinetic melody and a message in Stelmanis’ majestic but vulnerable voice. Joining her in support is enigmatic 4AD artist Pixx.

For Convergence, Austra will be showcasing brand new tracks from her third and most ambitious album to date, Future Politics - a collection of urgent, disciplined anthems for dancefloors and headphones alike, that asks each of us to remember that apocalypse is not an inevitability, but the product of human decision-making. The critically acclaimed album is radicalism distilled: to galvanic beats, gorgeous, kinetic melodies, and the vulnerable majesty of Stelmanis’s voice.

Pixx is the nom de guerre of south London songwriter Hannah Rodgers. Born to a music-loving family, her early creativity and burgeoning talent earned her a place at The BRIT School. Her recording debut, ‘Fall In’, was released on 28th August 2015 via 4AD. Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Aphex Twin, Hannah is striking it out alone as Pixx this March for Convergence 2017.


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