47SOUL + Cairo Liberation Front + DJ Suez Beats
Live Music

47SOUL + Cairo Liberation Front + DJ Suez Beats


Convergence joins forces with Continental Drifts to present an exhilarating bill in the determined spirit of the Arab Spring with 47SOUL and Cairo Liberation Front leading the way in producing new sounds drawing on diverse Arabic influences. DJ Suez Beats spins records in support.

The music of 47SOUL combines Dabke, the traditional Palestinian street music and dance, with deep electronic beats mixed with sounds of the Middle East. Taking these sounds to the dance floor with analog synthesisers, dub-effects and trance inducing guitar lines, their lyrics delivered in tripped-out verses by four singers in a mixture of Arabic and English, call for freedom of movement on global dance floors and across border checkpoints. A celebration of freedom and the struggle for equality around the world.

Womad is best when it’s edgy…. and nothing summed this up more than 47SOUL, a Palestinian collective whose Pan-Arabic street music was spine-tingling. Their take on protest music with a groove … pure Womad in a bottle.The Telegraph

You might know Dutch dj-crew Cairo Liberation Front as the promoters of the new wave of Egyptian wedding rave. Sounding like if Omar Souleyman met Sean Paul and Aphex Twin at a wedding party, Cairo Liberation Front make a heady mix of Arabic rhythms, American hip-hop and European dance music. Now they’ve teamed up with French musician High Wolf, well-known for his mystical percussive music inspired by African and Asian culture, with releases on Not Not Fun and Matthew David’s imprint Leaving Records. Expect an exciting collaborative live show full of tribal percussions mixed with Arabic keyboard solos and modular synthesizers.

DJ Suez Beats aka Yousif Nur is a journalist and writer by day and a DJ by night. He has been producing and creating Electro Shaabi mixtapes for just over a year now, growing in popularity via word of mouth for their wild party vibes. Expect to hear Electro Shaabi, Palestinian/Syrian dabke and everything else in between.

Produced by Convergence in association with Continental Drifts

Set Times



20:15 - 21:15

Cairo Liberation Front

21:45 - 22:45